About DiAnne

As a career feature writer and editor for magazines and newspapers, public and private school educator, and parent of an environmentalist, trainer, and inventor, I am now devoting attention to a project in the works for the past few years ~ a series of written and video posts dedicated to mindful, positive parenting and childcare. 

Think, Write, Read tutoring project

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 1.57.28 PMI currently offer local and online tutoring in reading and writing for children, youth and adults. This project is also designed to grow! Eventually, we hope to bring a group of professionals together to provide free tutoring services for PreK children who have experienced trauma and need a boost to be ready for kindergarten. The long-range vision is a not-for-profit center to gently meet these children’s needs, teach them at their pace in their ways, and get them started on a path to success in school. The Seasons of Fun Store exists to help fund this project. For more, visit the Think, Write, Read page.

“10 Minutes” Video Series

Visit YouTube and search “10 Gentle Minutes” to see our small, homegrown series that currently features the Bunny Planet, Tops & Bottoms, and Poppleton. (I learn something new every time I do one of these and will keep trying to improve! -Promise!)   Will these get to the harried and hurried children who need a quiet place for a few minutes? I really hope so! So many children start their days hurried and upset. The”10 Gentle Minutes” videos of field trips and stories are designed to offer children a peaceful start to the day, maybe over breakfast, maybe in the car, maybe in the classroom. Upcoming videos will feature fun math, food fun, and seasonal creativity. Stay tuned!

Your feedback, invitations to speak at your event, and suggestions for topics of interest to you are all welcome.  If you’ll leave your name and e-mail address, I’ll be in touch.

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DiAnne Crown

If you would like to support the free tutoring project, know that every dollar will be appreciated and used toward education. We’ll send updates as each step takes us closer to providing this important service for our littlest learners.