On making first things first

Weather ~ a cool, clear, sunny summer morning

Wildlife ~ hairy woodpecker (looks like downy woodpecker but a little bigger), dove, fox squirrels and gray squirrels, chipmunks, finches, rabbit, cardinals, sparrows, titmice

Mood ~ grateful, one year today since cancer surgery, no problems

Not including our close relationships, what’s most important? – That activity where we invest the most time and money, what we like to talk about. If I’m honest, what I’d like to answer and what I do are often different. I’m looking at starting the new school year as a good time to put first things first.

* Freedom to say yes ~ When I get these right, financial stability and orderliness free me to focus on important opportunities. There’s room for growth here, but I’m going in the right direction with The Dishes.

* Joy ~ Easy to say, right? But whenever there’s loss or struggle, it can be hard to claim joy as a reward. Do you ever look for happiness when it’s really joy you need? I have, of course. Who hasn’t? ~ Claim your hope for the future, recognize overlooked blessings, connect with loved ones, and quiet the critical voices and hard memories. Experience deep joy.

* Eternal blessings~ What is your one unchangeable truth? For me, it’s faith that I am a citizen of heaven. If my choices reflected that knowledge, that passion, my days would be less about survival and distraction and more about worship and service. I would pray more, worry less; study more often that than, oh, say, baking a cobbler and watching a movie. I would enjoy recreation, occupation, and devotion with an eternal perspective.

An extraordinary elementary school principal, Keith Kincaid, a man of great character and great fun, encourages his team to keep first things simple:  Be nice, think solutions, and work with a passion. With that, they achieve kindness to others, balance in life, and meaningful work. That solves a lot of issues in a day!


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