Keeping the bridge open

For my mother, being a mother was the greatest joy. It’s been the same for me since the day Christopher was born. I’d do this journey of love and discovery all again in heartbeat. ~Which is why, sitting in church together during his a brief visit home to gather up some things before moving across the country was so hard. I recalled holding him as a baby and then toddler while we bounced and sang, and sitting close with my arm around him as a growing child and youth. This Sunday, memories flooded in and out again as tears and we sat with his arm around me.

Of course “I’m happy because you’re happy” is the only attitude to take. So, in these few days before the move, I’ve been holding tightly onto what I know.

~That we have been close his whole life and there’s no reason to think that will change. There won’t be the same proximity, but there can be the same spirit. I have faith in our close relationship.

~ I do like technology. Of course we can be in touch across the time zones.

~And, this is just the next chapter in the story. New possibilities come every morning, month and year.

Is it the same for you this season? Has a child you loved into adulthood chosen a path that takes him or her farther away than you wish?

Be gentle with yourself while life becomes its new normal, and be respectful of your child. A wise friend counseled me a few years ago to “keep the bridge open” during a challenging transition in my son’s life.  ~To keep the good relationship, the connection and mutual desire to reach each other, but not push in too far or too often; to let my son live his choices without clinging or judging, and be ready and willing to share the parts he wants to share when he wants to share them. (Thank you Sir. Truly. This helped then, it still helps now.)

To our friends, here’s a snapshot of this boy you have helped love into a capable, focused, creative young man. Thank you.


Last visit – for now

IMG_4544 copy

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