Learning and teaching


My current extended-stay teaching assignment is coming to a close. What a journey! I’ve loved the work and the students. I’ve also changed my description of the teacher/student, parent/child interaction from “teaching and learning — adults and children teaching and learning from each other” – to learning and teaching.

This column is Virtues II, in two stories.

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Low-stress solutions for young families, part 1

From Seasonsofparenting.com

It happens. —The late-night wet bed or stomach flu. — The backseat upset tummy. — Stuck in a long line, waiting room or laundromat, thirsty and anxious with nothing to do. It’s never convenient, but it can be much easier with very little preparation.

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For years, I’ve listened to morning radio – the news while I did dishes on weekdays, public radio shows during Saturday morning cooking and laundry.

I’ve repurposed that prime time, and more.


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Crying in the cart

woman picking out produce

Who hasn’t done it? – You’re tired, the kids are tired, but you need bread and bananas and wearily head to the store. The experience can either bring stress and sadness or build relationships. Here are tips for your trip, and a suggestion for the rest of us.

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