Thank you!

Every Day Chocolate 1 7,8

Thank you so much to our visitors and new friends at the Chatham Holiday on the Square yesterday! Christopher and I felt like the day was a success in many ways, and I just can’t thank friend Donna B. enough for her wonderful, gracious, warm help! We learned a lot about preparing for and managing a benefit sale, and actually sold a good amount of our Seasons of Parenting Free Tutoring Project items! In fact, we had our first visitor-buyers well before the sale actually opened and were completely thrilled to meet that lovely family.

Our EveryDay chocolate sauce and “TAB” Take Along Bags for children were the most popular items. I’ll make plans in the new year to repost the new styles in our Seasons of Fun Store (with better payment buttons somehow!)

For those of you who wanted more chocolate in the coming year, send me a message. If/when we get the first batch from the manufacturer, you’ll be the first to know.

It was a ton of work, but we had a bunch of fun. Thank you for moving us forward and encouraging us greatly!

Happy Thanksgiving! ~ DiAnne

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