Try, try again ~ with a video and a puzzle!

I don’t want to say I’ve exactly had a Sisyphus relationship with my yard, but I will. For years, YEARS, I didn’t have enough sun to grow my own flowers and organic vegetables. (Great shade, summer relief, count my blessings.)

But then this year, just when I finally had enough sun to plant a lovely garden, and plenty of COVID-time to do it, I discovered that the rabbits I have protected like pets in an otherwise rabbit-hostile neighborhood LOVE flowers, and the squirrels I also adore will plant peanuts in any loose soil they can find (which makes newly planted flower beds particularly inviting.)

Undaunted, I moved everything up about 3 feet into elevated cedar “Stand-up Gardens” designed to comfortably hold my new annuals, perennials, and enough culinary herbs for the season’s home cooking (and for our daily 3 o’clock Quarantine Iced-Beverage-With-Savory-Appetizers hour!)

On the final day of transplanting, I watered for half an hour and finished the day, pleased to see bright colors out the window for the first time. Big win!


Next morning, the mixed plants garden was on the ground. Seriously, entirely on the ground, like cake batter that has settled into the pan and spread out.  Every wooden support slat was still neatly lined up and leaning; soil and plants transplanted for the second time that day … 3 feet lower again. Here’s a maudlin little video clip for your entertainment.


Perspective. COVID has been an exercise in patience, hope, willingness, and diligence in so many ways. This was no exception, and in no way the worst. We rebuilt the structure using PVC pipes instead of wooden 1×1″ slats, replanted it, and, leap of faith here, thoroughly watered it again.

So, here now are a few pictures from the week. — The Calamitous Fallen Garden, the herbs replanted in their own cedar box, and a lily the rabbit family evidently doesn’t prefer, still in the ground. Click the puzzle link below to see the successful transition to our sturdier structure.  (Yes, “PW,” still trying! This one is just 12 pieces 😉 )


IMG_4530 copy
Work this easy puzzle to see the successful transition to our garden’s new sturdier structure. Click here for the puzzle, then click on the reload button below the photo at Jigsaw Planet to work the puzzle.




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