Thank you! 100 today, and a puzzle!

Here’s a small piece of the puzzle. Click the link below.

No, not my age! To my great surprise, WordPress just let me know 100 people are following my site. “Slowly but slowly” as a dear friend with about 1,200 followers might tell me! 🙂

I thoroughly enjoy the WordPress community. Thank you for bringing a world of discoveries to my desk, and encouraging me with your comments.

Looking forward! ~ DC

And now, the first of two puzzles for the rest of this month. These are from bright, beautiful books by Ruth Heller, meant to inspire language arts teaching and learning. Use these books, or others like them, to develop more expressive language in your family’s readers and writers. Today’s puzzle is from Many Luscious Lollipops, A Book About Adjectives, ISBN 0-590-43763-1.

Here’s the link.



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