Diet diary #3 ~ On staying hungry, and a Fake Shake recipe. 80 days, -35 pounds

After the first rush of success, progress ground to a complete halt. No weight loss for a week.

I’d done it again — convinced my body I was starving. I was in pure conservation mode. I felt fine, good energy, no hunger, but an annoying plateau. In other words, my trainer-son Christopher told me, my metabolism had slowed way down.

His answer: a nice big Cheat Meal.

This was not welcome news. Every time I’ve ever strayed off the 100% rule-governed path, I’ve lost all will to continue, quit the plan, and returned to my indulgent ways. There must be another way, said the student to the teacher, and I resisted. For another four days.

By Friday of the second week, I was ready to bend my will and try it. I treated myself to an individual veggie pizza, salad with full-fat 1,000 Island dressing, and an ice cream sundae. It was my first restaurant meal since the COVID lockdown 13 months earlier and should have been a real treat. But, honestly, fear of failure ruined it.


Nevertheless, I logged the whole high-cal meal into My Fitness Pal and hoped for the best.

Predictably, thanks to all that salt and a heavy load of carbs, my weight was up a few pounds the next day. But within a few days, the extra and a little more had come off. It actually worked! I was hungry again.

These days, I’m trying to drink more water, gently exercising at least twice per week, and making sure I eat at least 1,000 calories per day within the macro goals for protein, carbs, and fat. At this rate, it appears I’ll lose 10 pounds per month. Conservative, but satisfying.

As importantly, I’ve learned to trust the plan and allow enough leeway to be more sociable. ~ Last weekend I attended a wonderful harp recital and reception that included, of all ironies, all sorts of beautiful little bundt cakes and delicious Italian sodas. Surrounded by friends and flowers in a gorgeous English Gothic church, with bundt cakes, it was not a likely setting for staying the course. But I enjoyed the day, ate my cake at home in three portions, faithfully logged everything in My Fitness Pal, and stayed on the plan. Stayed. On. The. Plan. A first.

I’m learning to do this.


This is occasionally supper on days when I really don’t want anything in particular but I need the calories. I think of it as a thin milkshake.

12-16 ounces Fairlife 1% or fat-free milk

1 scoop Gold Standard Whey Protein powder, French Vanilla flavor (or 1 scoop unflavored whey protein and a teaspoon of vanilla extract)

½ teaspoon cinnamon

A few ice cubes.

Add all to shaker cup, shake well, enjoy!


  1. My husband has a cheat meal once a week. The kids and I of course join him 😆 but we eat healthy during the week. I love my fitness pal app. I used to use it and it definitely worked wonders for me when I had my first 2 children. With my 3rd breastfeeding and just eating better helped me loose the baby weight. However, I am trying to get more strength and incorporating it into my morning workout. Your pizza looks so good! Veggie pizza is my favorite kind of pizza 😋

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