Diet Diary #5: Control the variables, -53 pounds

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Never underestimate a personal pitfall. I seriously underestimated the effect of anxiety on my diet when I agreed to take on a short-term service project a few weeks ago. In fact, the experience sent me into an anxious off-the-rails three days of unrestrained eating ~ whatever I could find in the house plus whatever looked good when I went grocery shopping hungry. Fried chicken. Chips. Talenti ice cream. Tate’s cookies. It wasn’t an earned, planned cheat meal or even cheat day. It was a binge.

Here’s what I learned from that experience, now that I’m safely back on track and past it.

Pay attention to random non-hunger cravings and ask Why. Anxiety put pounds on me and will likely always be a health factor.

Choose activities and schedules with awareness and compassion. I wanted to take on that project but the time wasn’t right.

And, as always, trust the system. I will use the tools and plans that work to accomplish my physical goals, knowing I can now manage my weight successfully; and remember to pause and do the emotional work as well.


So, it’s been 18 weeks and I’m 53 pounds down. Definitely slower, but steady. I tell everyone who asks that MyFitnessPal combined with a simple digital food scale is the greatest thing, that Planet Fitness isn’t for everyone but it’s great for me; and that every day is about choices. Breakfast is my best example.

My favorite breakfasts have always, always been strong coffee and sweet pastries. That idea still makes my imagination wander and my mouth water. As a compromise in the beginning, I switched to coffee with toast, peanut butter, and a skiff of jam. For months now, though, it’s been coffee with a teaspoon of Carlson’s lemon cod liver oil and as close to 30 grams of protein as I can get. Weird, yes. Worth it? Completely!

Breakfast? Oh yes!

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