Old Friends — Surprised By Joy, Guestwork by Wynne Leon

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Hold a true friend with both hands.” – Rumi Yesterday I had lunch with my dearest and oldest friend, Katie. We met when I was my daughter’s age – six and a half years old and she was seven. We went to grade school, junior high, high school and college together. We’ve lived together, dated […]

Old Friends — Surprised By Joy

Thanks to Wynne Leon’s “Surprised by Joy, Meditations on Life and Parenting” for this tender look at friendship shared here with permission. In her posts, I find moments of such truth and insight that, although we’ve never met, I feel a comfortable connection.

I paused to think about dear friends of mine who have weathered storms, shared celebrations, and kept, as Wynne says, showing up, armor off. Love to PJ, KC, RSB, GD, MD, JN, and NR ~ you’re in my heart always.


  1. Thank you, DC! I’m so honored to be shared by you in this post and by your comments.

    Thinking about friendships and blogging is such a different spin than our traditional ones. But there’s a lot of honesty and vulnerability that does build connection as you so aptly put it. So grateful to be connected to you in this way!

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