January joy, and a product we like

The January tree

It’s been ages since I recommended a product (still not ad supported, read on!) But I’m so happy with my new branch ties that I wanted to share this cool little light string accessory.

This package of 100 green branch clips for mini lights was $7.95 on Amazon.

I keep my narrow tree out all year. I started it years ago when I was still tutoring in my homeΒ  and keep it up for the day when we return to in-person.

This year, the entire middle section of lights went out, including the color string I light at Christmas. I took everything off and spent a couple of hours restringing new lights with these soft plastic twisty clips. It would have taken at least twice as long without them.

Here’s the finished product for this year, finally. The Valentine tree might be a little late this year!


    • Thank you! I change the decorations each month except June-August. I keep a bright collection of big flowers on the tree all summer. It’s such a fun way to make/use/enjoy children’s craft ornaments, too. I think I’m still a preschool teacher at heart. πŸ™‚ My time-saving lights “hack” is that I strung the various colors and white lights to be used throughout the year all at once when the tree was new (that is, until the mid-section went out!) I just plug in whichever string goes with the month. ~ Post pictures if you set up yours πŸ™‚

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