Friend’s book release! w/Cat’s Cafe book trailer

This is a good read, whether you typically read historical fiction or not. Believable, relatable fictional and historic characters are set in the 19th century American frontier, each trying to carve out a new life in and around the small town of Eagle Rock, Idaho which became Idaho Falls thanks in no small part to their real-life efforts.

Here’s a glimpse. (Make sure your sound is on. Nice guitar track.)

Everything about this place and time is surprising, and Ralls has thoroughly researched all of it, from the Mormon influence, to the expansion of the railroads, presence of Native Americans, and what it takes for a sheltered, privileged , single young woman from the eastern United States to become an independent woman in a territory often unscrupulously controlled by men.

Pre-review paperbacks of this first book in the Eagle Rock Trilogy are available directly from Ralls for $18 plus $4.50 for postage and packaging. The price will increase once they hit bookstores just after the winter holidays. E-mail

For more, visit Enjoy, and tell your friends!

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