Respect in the details, part 2 ~ Listening

Communication is key at all ages.


It occurs to me that the measure of authentic attention we pay to our young children when they try to tell us about their interests will be exactly how much they want to tell us when they become teenagers and young adults. That is, if we notice what they notice and actively listen to what they offer as children, they will keep offering their interests and stories as they grow, and will trust us enough to keep sharing later when we ask. Continue reading “Respect in the details, part 2 ~ Listening”

Term paper time – help for the anxious

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 2.31.45 PM I’m completely sympathetic to anxious students struggling to even start papers for grades, and I never call it laziness. It may be debilitating perfectionism. It may be lack of successful strategies. Or fatigue. Whatever the causes, procrastination then paralysis makes it impossible to move from clear thinking to complete sentences. Anybody love a student like this? Here’s help. Continue reading “Term paper time – help for the anxious”

Temporal and eternal

Weather ~ a cold, clear, sunny winter afternoon

Wildlife out the window ~ Downy and hairy woodpeckers, doves, fox and gray squirrels, juncos, blue jays, cardinals, sparrows, and two wonderful, giant St. Bernards whose barking creates puffs of warm steam I can see through the fence posts next door

Mood ~ taking stock of endings and beginnings Continue reading “Temporal and eternal”

Two 10-minute recipes for your home table ~ one savory, one sweet

My parents lived frugally, paid cash for everything and fully provided a college education for my brothers and me. To that end, we almost always ate at home.

So, for years, I thought home cooking was about saving money — which it definitely is! But I came to appreciate that homemade food really is the best. Now, when I want to treat myself, I take the time to cook and enjoy good food prepared well in my own kitchen. Continue reading “Two 10-minute recipes for your home table ~ one savory, one sweet”

Featured video: First Tomato, #1702

We step into the garden to find a ripe tomato for lunch, then read Rosemary Wells’ sweet story about the transforming power of imagination in “First Tomato,” from the Voyage to the Bunny Planet set of three short stories, then enjoy a leisurely look out the Seasons of Parenting Nature Window where Bunny makes a brief appearance, our chipmunks place chase, and the birds try to get a few seeds when the squirrels aren’t swinging on the feeders! Enjoy!

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Fun cookie tip!


Getting an early start on cookie baking for friends and family this year? It’s easy enough to arrange plates and tins of flat cookies that stack and wrap easily, but I needed a way to store and transport the slidey unstackables. This works well! Continue reading “Fun cookie tip!”