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At our heart is the desire for all children to become lifelong learners whose curiosity is supported in his or her own unique ways. For that reason, we strive to support peaceful, respectful, joyful family life. One flows from the other.

There are two ways to join the work of Seasons of Parenting.

Share a post ~ It’s been said that 500 new bloggers start posting every day. If you see something of value in our work, help us get the word out. Please share with friends and groups.

Donate ~ When you donate any amount to our Think, Write, Read tutoring project, you help us keep our hourly rates low for challenged children and youth who need individualized instruction in reading and writing. Occasionally these are children who need a springboard to reach even higher and excel in special projects with their academic gifts and skills. But usually, these children are significantly below grade level and need a boost. For them, conventional classroom teaching and learning isn’t enough.

We can help students at both ends of the learning curve. Your contribution will help.

Thank you so much!

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