Two 10-minute recipes for your home table ~ one savory, one sweet

My parents lived frugally, paid cash for everything and fully provided a college education for my brothers and me. To that end, we almost always ate at home.

So, for years, I thought home cooking was about saving money — which it definitely is! But I came to appreciate that homemade food really is the best. Now, when I want to treat myself, I take the time to cook and enjoy good food prepared well in my own kitchen. Continue reading “Two 10-minute recipes for your home table ~ one savory, one sweet”

Children and money

IMG_2696At my, uh, advanced age, but with a young adult son, I happily live in two worlds of thought. One is my own old school experience and the other is Christopher’s up-to-the-minute know-how. Both worlds meet when I talk about children and money.

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