Think, Write, Read tutoring


Welcome to the tutoring project of Seasons of Parenting which grew out of three needs —

* additional help for students who are a little behind but nearly holding their own,

* extra help to fill in gaps for students who are much stronger in some areas than others,

* and for a brand new model of teaching for children and youth whose pace and ability to assimilate information don’t match well to public school settings.

Whether you have a preschool child who needs to take an additional year to be ready for kindergarten; an elementary, middle, or high school student who needs a skilled, patient partner to reach grade level expectations; or a student with physical, mental, or emotional challenges who needs a new way to think and learn, I would love to talk with you.

Welcome to Think, Write, Read!

DiAnne Crown

(217) 546-6806,


Term paper time – help for the anxious

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 2.31.45 PM I’m completely sympathetic to anxious students struggling to even start papers for grades, and I never call it laziness. It may be debilitating perfectionism. It may be lack of successful strategies. Or fatigue. Whatever the causes, procrastination then paralysis makes it impossible to move from clear thinking to complete sentences. Anybody love a student like this? Here’s help. Continue reading “Term paper time – help for the anxious”