Inner Drive ~  a WEALTH of free motivational and educational resources for home, school and work. Here’s a sample for anyone helping reframe a problem.

feedback-vs-feedforwardI found this site while researching home school charters and metacognition — simply put, how to help yourself think.

Metacognition poster

Other articles and the related posters/flyers are dedicated to healthful sleep and study, motivation and stress, creativity and change, how the teenage brain works, successful note taking, and many more topics including one fascinating article on girls and “impostor syndrome.” Curious? Here’s that site.

Mountain Rose Herbs ~ Along with candles, spices, oils, and more is a line of bulk organic herbs for excellent teas — infusions (soft leaves) and decoctions (harder twigs, berries, etc.) I’m currently learning about and very much enjoying herbs to calm, strengthen, and purify. Here’s where to find them.

Purveyor of Sustainable Organic Ingredients, High-quality herbs, spices, teas & DIY supplies.

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Understood ~ Helpful articles on how to encourage children and youth with all sorts of learning gifts and needs.

The Virtues Project

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 5.03.50 PMThis program is dedicated to helping children and youth find and affirm goodness in themselves and each other.