An easy puzzle for you ~ and for me!

As always, this photo, a little Nashville warbler, isn’t THE puzzle picture, but it’s a lovely hint.

Here’s the puzzle! Just 9 pieces ~ it’s a busy Thanksgiving week after all. (Remember to turn your sound on. The clicks are so satisfying! 🙂 )

Thanks to Tina Huckabee for today’s puzzle, and for all her beautiful work at My Gardener Says


  1. Hello – I just sent this message to your “” e-mail address.
    Hello – About three-four weeks ago I wrote you to advise that Mary Rook, whom, as you know took her website down, was back and blogging under a new name.  I sent you the name of the blog.  Hopefully this message did not go to SPAM, but in the meantime, she started this new blog, was posting sometimes 2X a day and stopped posting.  Like before, I went on her site to ensure I was getting posts (sometimes posts are not always in Reader) … it says the author has deleted the site.  When she returned, she said she was doing much better after serious health concerns. – Linda Schaub


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